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Biology 210 Laboratory Group 4 1/14/16

Observation of a 20/20 transect

Location: The transect is located in an area behind the AU library close to the student health center. It is a 20 by 20 foot dimension marked with four Popsicle sticks with a pond at the center.

Topography: The transect had Cornus florida commonly called flowering dogwood, Parrotia persica treesome trees and some budding flowers as well. The soil was moist and covered mostly with fallen leaves. The sides of the pond was riprapped with rocks to protect it from wind, wave action and erosion. There were grass grown around the pond probably to prevent erosion.

Biotic Components: 1. Pond 2. Two big trees without leaves 3. Three short trees with green leaves and budding flowers 4. Mushrooms 5. insects

Abiotic component of transect: 1. Bamboo grid used to cover the pond 2. Net used to cover the pond. 3. Classroom block. 4. Lights form the classroom wall 5. Two lovers seats 6. Two statues ( Duck statue in the pond and a woman with three birds at her feet on land) 7. Irrigation control valve just above the pond. 8. Deflated balloon on land 9. Paper on land 10. Wiring that goes into the pond 11. Large and small rocks outlining the pond