Etchevers:Notebook/STRA6 in eye development/2009/04/08

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Eye sonication

Nicolas pooled most of the human embryonic eye tissues I had provided him. These included:

R625 C16 2 R985 C16 2 R1110 C16 2 R1105 C16- 2 R1112 C16+ 2 R1103 C17 1

There was a yield of (fill this in, I don't remember) μg total, as extrapolated from the extraction of the Total Input fraction.

The image of the sonication was like this (10 uL of the TI fraction). Nicolas used 10 ug for 2x O2 ChIP's - see protocol on April 28th. These were sent for ChIP-Seq to Fasteris.

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