Etchevers:Notebook/STRA6 in eye development/2008/08/09

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Getting reagents together

  • Stan Faguer had received his kits, was hoping to avoid nucleus isolation so still has not found out about ultracentrifuge availability. The kit had been frozen; Roche confirmed by telephone that the protein-A agarose probably loses its properties.
  • Still need to order IgG. We have a couple of mL of prot A agarose still in the fridge. Am still tempted by the Dynal bead protocol but I can’t believe it makes that big a difference. Need to closer examine the protocols for amplication of target to be sequenced on the Roche 450.
  • Looked into doing it on the Illumina system in Denmark with Niels Tommerup (cf. seminar notes)
  • Alethea 11:20, 9 August 2008 (UTC):