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RNA extractions from hNCC in Toulouse

Last week while I was in Paris, Angelique extracted the RNA from three different R1113 cell preparations using the Qiaquick protocol.

The first, tube A, was in Rich medium at passage 12, 800K cells. This yielded 1100ng/ul, for 14 ul (about 10 ul left).

The second tube, B, was in Stemline medium also at passage 12, 420K cells. This yielded 269ng/ul, for 14 ul also (about 10 ul left).

The third tube, C, was in Rich medium but cells had been cultured on TC plastic only and no collagen I, and they were at passage 13. Only about 250K cells, but yielded 506 ng/ul (about 10 ul left).

The RNAs and two 1.1ul aliquots are in the -80 freezer, in a blue blox in the AAV-MMP polystyrene container around the second or third shelf. There is also what’s left of the 1/10 dilution she used for the SyberGreen Quant-IT kit.

--Heather 10:03, 7 April 2009 (EDT)