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Thawed out all frozen hNCC in Toulouse

Friday next week, will inject hNCC as trial into the corneas for repair. Pierre had performed laser partial ablations on three yesterday.

The ampoules I found were:

  • frozen on 30/9/08, R1066 cephalic, passage 23
  • frozen on 30/9/08, R1066 trunk, passage 26
  • frozen last week, R1113, cephalic, passage 12 - 565K and 235K cells in two ampoules.

Pooled the R1113 cells and counted, instead of expected 800K cells, a million (large pellet). Resuspended and divided by 3: two-thirds on two 35 mm pre-collagened dishes, 1/3 on Greiner bio-one CellStar 60mm dish.

Other two ampoules got their own 35 mm dishes. Must order more of these (ref 354456, x20). Also order the GP Express Plus membrane 0.22μm 150 mL receiver bottle cat no. SCGPU01RE.

Rinsed in fresh Rich medium (used DMEM/F12/glutamax, rather than Stemline N).

Neural cells don't look more neural than they did. Had to throw away 24 well dish as oldest cultures appeared to start a yeast contamination. Not the medium as that was also in the flasks.

Re-collagen some more coverslips? and some more flasks.*Heather 03:52, 23 March 2009 (EDT):