Etchevers:Notebook/Genomics of hNCC/2009/03/13

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Transfer of cells from -80°C freezer to liquid nitrogen

Transfered cells out of isopropanol container at -80°C into the following new box in liquid nitrogen.

Tank: AH (find out if it will stay here or leave?) Rack: yellow handle Box: 5th level down. The top 4 are ours, as well. Places occupied:

  • A1 for R1113, 565,000 cells in 1 ml/10% DMSO/rich medium
  • A2 for R1113, 235,000 cells in 1 ml/10% DMSO/ 10% serum + hESCgro medium from Clontech last October.

Found three yellow-handled racks for -80°C freezer, need to order some cardboard boxes to go in them.

  • Heather 10:46, 13 March 2009 (EDT):