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Observation and media change of NCC

Media change for the NCC cultures. Microscope observation: 100mm plate, Rich medium NCC Ceph, confluence reach, no more space 100mm plate, Rich medium NCC tronc, same

100mm plate, Panexia 5%, Ceph and Tronc, few round cell on the plate, low density.

100mm plate, Medium S: Ceph: cells looks fine, 50% confluence

100mm plate, Medium 401: cells looks fine, 50% confluence

35mm plate C6000: cells looks fine, 25-50% confluence

Media change: Full change 10ml for Rich, S, 401. 8ml for Panexia 5%. Add 1ml to C6000

No change to the other plates in the incubator

Thanks, Steph! will feed/pass them tomorrow as possible.

  • Heather 16:30, 14 September 2008 (EDT):