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hNCC in Toulouse

I fed cells by substituting their medium for fresh. Both the R1064 dishes have fewer and fewer cells. What is left is different in morphology, too. The cells are spread much wider and have an unusual morphology.

More than one surrounds a kind of space in the middle on the plate, as a pericyte might around a capillary. Except there are no capillaries in there. They have lots of ramifications.

There are also neural-looking cells with unhappy dendrites (blebbing, or just traces on the dish). Also glial-looking with long prolongations but fewer ramifications.

Need to find a way to take photos without going down four flights of stairs.


The probe synthesis for H2 went well - dot blot was a success. Picked slides to hybridize. C12 R1100 slides 49 and 241 for AS; C13 R1104 slide 212 also. For sense, the adjacent 50 and 213; slide 242 was used for a positive control with GJA1 probe.

Post-fixation after proteinase K treatment entailed 1.5% PFA for 20 minutes. Otherwise, followed protocol (which it would be good to put up here, and link to. But I hate formatting and I have a progress report to submit tomorrow).

No fat cells with lipid-looking vesicles.