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Discussion with Christelle last Friday

All the data is nearly in, now it is time for writing up. Christelle mentions that I and G don't physically interact but I and T do, so wonder why there is the IG possibly organ-specific element with always the same spacing in our favorite Nkx, MEF2C, FGF maybe Tbx? Not even a partial turn around a nucleosome, either.

Chris has ordered ready-made expression vector with G in it from GeneScript, so I can remember this later.

Performed a cold EMSA with G last Friday. Results from hot in situ against FGF10 - cross fingers?

For helping Adeline with her constructions:

MYC-HIS fusion tag, the HISx6 are charged and could change in vivo behavior, so for every fusion protein tested in Western blot for effective expression, she made another construction with a stop codon in the 3' primer so as to not transcribe the tag. Cloned into same prepared lot of linear pcDNA3.

Double-check sequence.

Check or send her a model of a postdoc "lettre de motivation"...

  • Heather 08:02, 12 January 2009 (EST):