Endy:Notebook/Biological Materials Management System/One Cent Per Base Pair Use Case

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Visitor Goal: Build a great part, device, or system using standardized parts. Includes getting information about parts, including digital and physical data (in this case, data about synthesis)

Submitter Goal: Add useful information to parts, such as rating, experience, "similar parts"

1. Submitter is adding information about a new part

- Submitter has the options to enter design, sequence, experience details - While adding sequence information, part of the form includes an optional section titled 'Did you synthesize this part?' - Submitter adds basic questions regarding synthesis (similar to http://www.1centbp.com/index.php?action=add) - Submitter completes form (i.e. clicks done), data is added to 1centbp database - The next time the synth info for that part is requested, information is queried from 1centbp db

2. Submitter is adding supplemental information to an existing part.

- 'Add synthesis details' is presented as an option. - Overlaps Case #1, depends on the scope of submissions to BBPC.

3. Viewer is browsing parts which are in BBPC database. Viewer visits the the "Sequence" page for the part -- (estimated synthesis price: $xx.xx) appears next to "Sequence length". User clicks on estimated price to be taken to 1centbp.com in a new window. Information regarding user's selected part (such as part number) is also sent to 1centbp to assist in guiding user through the synthesis process (such as filtering to companies that are "best" at certain classes of sequences) -- DNA availability: (estimated synthesis price: $xx.xx) is present in both the "available" and "unavailable" scenarios

4. Viewer clicks 'Suppliers' information

- 1centbp URL is listed as a synthesis option, as a resource for finding the community's opinion on the best synthesis companies.

5. 1centbp Viewer visits the 1centbp site, i.e after searching Google for 'DNA synthesis' - a link visible on the page reads 'Need ideas for synthesis?', which will present the user with a 'Part of the day'. This is built by querying the BBPC for such a part (such as a highly ranked part), and is merged with synthesis information about the part and how much it will cost today, in the future, and how much it cost in the past.

6. Other pages focused on information of *physical* DNA?