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  • Top Ten Needed Basic Parts (Parts Comprising the Central Dogma)
  1. Origins of DNA replication
    • Example: oriC
  2. Transcriptional Promoters
    • T7 ø10
  3. Transcriptional Operators
    • lambda oR
  4. RNA Processing Elements
    • An RNaseIII Site
  5. RNA Stability Elements
    • A Stemloop Hairpin
  6. Translational Start Sites
    • Ribosome Binding Sites
  7. Coding Sequences
    • Green Fluorescent Protein
  8. Translational Pause Sites
    • Regulation w/in the trp operon
  9. Translational Stop Sites
    • UAA
  10. Protein-Protein Interaction Epitopes
    • SH3 Domains



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