Endy:BioBricks Distribution 4.04

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For details of these parts please see the registry.

Box 1
1 B0011 B0012 B0013 B0014 B0015 B0017 B0021 B0022 B0023 B0024
11 B0025 B0030 B0031 B0032 B0033 B0034 C0012 C0040 C0050 C0051
21 C0052 C0053 C0060 C0061 C0062 C0070 C0071 C0072 C0073 C0074
31 C0075 C0076 C0077 C0078 C0079 C0080 C0082 C0083 C2001 E0020
41 E0022 E0030 E0032 E0033 R0010 R0011 R0040 R0050 R0051 R0052
51 R0053 R0062 R0063 R0065 R1050 R1051 R1052 R1053 R1062 I0500
61 R0061 R0071 R0073 R0074 R0075 R0077 R0078 R0079 R0080 R0081
71 R0082 R0083 R0084 R2000 R2001 R2002 I1010 I1011 I1012 I1013
81 I1020 I1021 I1022 I1023 I1030 I1031 I1032 I1034 I1040 I1041
91 I1044 I1060 I1063
Box 2
1 Q03530 Q01121 Q01400 Q01510 Q01511 Q01530 Q03121 Q03400 Q04121 Q04400
11 Q04510 Q04511 Q04520 Q04530 E0430 E0432 E0420 E0422 I0460 I0461
21 I0462 I4204 I5600 I5601 I5602 I5610 I4200 I4201 I4202 I4203
31 S0100 S0101 S0102 S0103 S0104 S0105 S0106 S0107 S0108 S0109
41 S0110 S0111 S0112 S0113 S0114 S0115 S0116 S0117
51 P0112 P0140 P0150 P0151 P0152 P0153 P0312 P0340 P0350 P0351
61 P0352 P0353 P0412 P0440 P0450 P0451 P0452 P0453
71 pSB2K3-1 pSB1A3-1

Box 3
1 I6030 I6031 I6032 I6034 I6036 I6040 I6042 I6044 I6046 I6050
11 I6054 I6056 I6058 I6060 I6061 I6062 I6064 I6066 I6068 I6070
21 I6072 I6074 I6076 I6078 I6080 I6082 I6084 I6086 I6088 I6100
31 I6101 I6102 I6103 I6105 I6106 I6107 I6108 I6109 I6110 I6111
41 I6112 I6114 I6115 I6200 I6201 I6202 I6203 I6205 I6206 I6207
51 I6208 I6209 I6210 I6211 I6212 I6213 I6214 I6215