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In the chat room: Heather Piwowar (, Valerie Enriquez (, Nicholas Weber (

8:59 AM Heather: You've been invited to this chat room!

 Hi everybody
Sarah: hi!
Valerie: hello
Heather: Hope you guys are all well. happy summer.

9:00 AM Nicholas: ditto

Valerie: indeed

9:01 AM Heather has left 9:04 AM Heather has joined

Nicholas: are you in heather?
Heather: hi guys sorry about that
Nicholas: no worries
Heather: so I missed any conversation....
 anything to add to the agenda, anything else to go over?

9:05 AM ok. So. updates?

Nicholas: can you repost the agenda link?
Heather: Nic, sounds like you made good progress?
 yes, sorry I actually didn't make a link this time
Nicholas: oh. nevermind then

9:06 AM Heather: so the agenda is just a) how are things going and b) do you need anything from me or the other mentors, and c) anything else you want to cover

 nic, you want to go first?
Nicholas: (gotcha)
 I finished off the Journals in the Category Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

9:07 AM not a lot there in terms of data sharing and citation policy

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Nicholas: today I am going to try to finish the Repositories metadata and policies and then move on to funding resources tomorrow
Heather: great
Nicholas: I hope those can both go quickly
 and I can jump back into some more journals
Heather: I had someone email me asking about data policies in journals

9:08 AM Nicholas: One concern I have

Heather: so I'm going to point her to your preliminary data in your spreadsheet :)
Nicholas: ICR just realeased as of the 18th the reports for 2009
Valerie has joined
Nicholas: I was using the reports from 2008 for Ecology and EV Bio
 if I move to more categories, I should stick with the 2008 data right?

9:09 AM Heather: hmmm, no, I'd jump to 2009.

Nicholas: ok
Heather: rexporting those categories for 2009 won't take too long, is that right?
Nicholas: Oh, you're right
Heather: or, to think about it a different way, part of your task will be to look at changes in policies over time
Nicholas: Iw as thinking the other fields would be affected... (sometimes head in the sand)

9:10 AM Heather: and so having journal covariates over time would be good too

Nicholas: yes, so I can refresh those fields easily
Heather: so I would actually consider getting the fields for multiple years,
 corresponding to sarah's data extraction

9:11 AM (2009 first, then the rest after you start to look at time-scale stuff, probably after you've done first pass of repositories and funders)

Nicholas: yup, makes sense
Heather: cool.
 anything else? do you need anything from anyone?

9:12 AM Nicholas: I wanted to ask as well, if anyone knows about ESA's data registry... if it's consulted often

Heather: I don't know
Nicholas: it's the only model I've come across that has a registry, so it seemed unique
Heather: want to ask on tomorrow's call, so we can learn?
Nicholas: yes, I thought Bruce would probably have some input

9:13 AM that's all from me

Heather: great
 valerie? you are revelling in full text, is that right?
Valerie: yes

9:14 AM my searches are going much better as well

Heather: great!
Valerie: I updated my notebook page to add a summary of my search findings
 and I started an abstract
 I also made a copy of Sarah's spreadsheet template to add into
Heather: how is that going, using the new ss?

9:15 AM Heather: You've been invited to this chat room! 9:16 AM Valerie: it is workable, I just need to add/switch a few headers here and there

Sarah: which ones are you having trouble with?
Valerie: it's just that when I export the .csv from ISI, the headings don't always match so I just have to copy/paste it one column at a time

9:17 AM Sarah: oh, don't do that!

 just record the doi
Valerie: oh ok
Sarah: I've fixed mine with formulas to copy the info
Valerie: (some things don't have dois, should I mention that or leave it out?)
Sarah: maybe I should send you my desktop version, it's much easier to use
Valerie: ok
Sarah: you'll always need a doi
Valerie: yeah, google docs isn't liking me much right now
Sarah: yeah, i don't use it, i just reupload every few days

9:18 AM Valerie: also, are you using Office 7?

Sarah: no, windows 7 but not office 7
Valerie: I've been using Open Office, so that might also be causing slight hiccups
Sarah: well, it's probably worth a try
Heather: defiitely use a tool that works... if the tool doesn't work, we need a new solution. so uploading every day is probably best for now.
Valerie: ok, cool

9:19 AM Heather: if you think there is something in particular that open office is causing grief on

 see if you can test it to make sure that is the problem, or ask us to test it

9:20 AM and if so and you need access to Microsoft Office we'll figure out a way

 let us know.
Valerie: I have Microsoft Office
Heather: ok! cool. then you can do what works :)
Valerie: I'll switch over to that then

9:21 AM Sarah: i've got hyperlinks and such in it too which make navigating between sheets easier

 are you having an problems with coding the fields?
Valerie: so, all I should be recording is the doi and whether or not it cites data in [X] repository and how it cites?
Sarah: is that cumbersom?
 the ss I'm sending you autocopies the ISI info and populates the fields
Valerie: the coding's fine, I just switch from page to page in case I forget
 oh cool
Sarah: so, you don't even need to record doi, just check it

9:22 AM Heather: Sarah, can you also upload a version to the wiki?

Sarah: do all the fields make sense?
Heather: if it is possible to upload the file, then just link to the file?
Sarah: yeah, which part of the wiki? it's on my notebooke
Heather: useful in case anyone is curious
Sarah: oh. yeah, i can do the file too
Heather: oh, ok, sorry didn't realize that. yeah, the file I mean
 so that people can learn from your cool auto-features
 if they are poking around
Sarah: yeah, it's nothing fancy, but i can post it

9:23 AM Heather: great, thanks.

Valerie: either way, automation will make this a lot easier
Heather: good. anything else, valerie?
Valerie: that was pretty much it

9:24 AM thanks for the new spreadsheet

Sarah: yep
 let me know what fields you have problems with or think are unnecessary
Heather: sarah, is it going well for you?
Sarah: as you come across them
 um, yeah
Heather: do you need anything from anyone else?
Sarah: was that directed to me or valerie?
Heather: you, Sarah.

9:25 AM Sarah: oh, I'm good I think

 i'm wondering a bit about the repository metadata nic is collecting
 and I've tested coding the journal policy to match the article coding
 but just for my journals
 is something we might consider doing to "rate" how good the citation is

9:26 AM Heather: yes

 for final analysis, that sort of coding would help

9:27 AM Nicholas: The repository metadata I'll upload to google docs -- I just started this morning

Heather: though there is an advantage to not trying to code it that way too soon, I think, since we're still learning what makes a "good" citation on the good citation spectrum.
 what were you wondering about in particular, sarah? what level of detail he's collecting?
Sarah: no, i'm just reading it and coding it to help me think through it

9:28 AM I'm wondering what policies the repositories have..citation? posting? metadata? journal affiliation? etc

 mostly citation?

9:29 AM Heather: ok, sounds like nic will have that in the few days.

Sarah: I'm just seeing all kinds of goofy citations that make me wonder how the journals (let alone the depositories) have any hope of enforcing/regulating
 ok, I'll be patient thenm
Heather: ok, otherwise extraction is still going well?

9:30 AM ok.

Sarah: yep
 getting better
Heather: not much else from me, just wanted to make sure we all keep communicating to make sure things are rolling.
Sarah: the organized ss helps and just getting in the swing of things
Heather: blog is getting some nice hits!

9:31 AM (though maybe the poll thing isn't such a great idea in general... it was kind of a bust)

Valerie: aw
Sarah: oh good, I'm having trouble viewing the comments...can we change the layout so we can view multiple comments at a time
Nicholas: I know, I think we had 2 votes, and one was me

9:32 AM I didn't realize comments were limited, I'll play around this afternoon

Heather: yup. oh well.

9:33 AM anything else to talk about together?

Valerie: the comments I saw were mostly just trackbacks that we gave each other
Sarah: I think I'm good. nothing to more to discuss and I'll send/post the ss right now

9:34 AM Valerie: excellent, thanks

Heather: ok. bye everybody, talk to you tomorrow on the group call!
Nicholas: bye
Valerie: talk to you all tomorrow
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 Valerie has left