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  • done
    • confirm time for intern chat tomorrow
    • ask interns what other help needed
    • get lab switch working
    • UBC static IP form
    • confirm time with Iain
    • contact Pitt to get confirmation of degree
    • wrote BoF summary
    • look into RSS feed:
      • I couldn't find a way to get en OWW RSS feed for categories, only page prefixes. Hence no obvious way to integrate Sarah's notebook into DataONE feed unless she moves it under DataONE. Asked her to do that (workaround: we can add an RSS feed to her notebook on the front page).
    • OWW disclaimers and more DataONE context added to header and pages
    • looked into Sarah's sysbio links:
      • It does indeed look like there are discontinuities in how SysBio stores its datasets, as described at
      • That said, from that page I can see an "Appendices and data" menu on the left that allows me to drill into the journal and then the issue, then download data
    • started looking at Valerie's spreadsheets
    • started looking at Nic's Fusion tables
    • initial R for Nic: Talk:DataONE:Notebook/Data_Citation_and_Sharing_Policy/2010/07/12
      • includes reading from Google Fusion tables directly into R!
  • not done
    • example articles for Valerie
    • weekly status
    • reimbursement
    • follow up on Peter's comments

Next few days

    • update methods page
    • thesis results ASIST submission
    • reuse ASIST submission
    • feedback on Mike's perspective paper
    • feedback on credit paper
    • peer-review