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Weekly Update

Completed or underway

  • DataONE summer internship projects are underway with Sarah and Nic. Currently defining and scoping the projects, and getting OpenWetWare pages set up.
  • IT accounts and HR paperwork almost settled


  • OpenWetWare pages created:
    • Created a lab page for open notebooks and projects called DataONE Dryad Research. Thoughts for a better name?
    • My page is called User:Heather_A_Piwowar and has my PhD thesis work under it
    • Sarah and Nic have set up their own personal pages, and will set up notebooks there to track info. Will link to them from lab website.
  • Sarah will start a blog
  • Nic will aim to submit a poster to ASIS&T on July 16th

Open Questions

  • iEvoBio a good place for a DataONE internship data citation subproject meeting?
  • Opinions on project focus for Nic?

Next steps

  • Continue flushing out OpenWetWare pages
  • Talk to Sarah about ASIST
  • Talk to Nic about blogging
  • NESCent weekly meeting on Tuesday
  • Contact Duke IT about password
  • Update blog with links to postdoc
  • Git the remaining thesis source code
  • Submit revised lightning talk to iEvoBio
  • Start reuse analysis