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Antimicrobial efficacy testing of antibiotic-containing biodegradable nanopolymers against biofilm and planktonic cells
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  • Started at 1100am.
  • Culture medium
    • 14g of LB Agar weighed out on a weighing scale into a 400ml bottle.
    • 400ml of distilled water was added (2 bottles done)
    • Repeat process for LB Broth (2 bottles).
  • Autoclaved 1140am at 121 degrees for 15min (waited for about 2hrs for the tempeartue to rise and pressure to build up and lower). Temperature safe to remove is 80 degrees.
  • LB Broth was stored in the incubator at 70 degrees.
  • LB Agar was taken out to the ventilating hood and poured out into 40 petri dishes (about 15ml per dish to cover).
  • Petri dishes were parafilmed and stored in the 4degree fridge.
  • Prepared E coli (K12 W3110) broth mixture and incubated at 30 degrees.
    • E coli was filled with LB Broth in a test tube (ratio 1ml:9ml).
    • Placed in a shaking incubator at 30rpm for 16hr for 30 degrees.