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Bacteria Culture

  • Single loop of bacteria was taken from a streaked petri disc and suspended into a 10ml broth

Serial Plating

  • Plates incubated on 12/15: Sonicated biofilms from Trial I
    • No growth at 10^-6, 10^-8, 10^-10 dilutions ==> REDUCE dilutions for Trial II plating
  • Plates incubated on 12/16: Biofilm Inoculum (matched at 1.0 McFarland)
    • LB: Too many to count at 10^-10, 10^-12, 10^-14 ==> INCREASE dilutions for Trial III plating
    • M9: No growth at 10^-10, 10^-12, 10^-14 ==> Need to rethink centrifuge procedure, may need to incubated bacteria with LB broth as well as M9 medium.