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Trouble Shooting:

  • No colonies was formed on the Agar Plate
      • The agar in the petri disk was made of pure agar without any nutrients as we mistook the Agar powder as LB Agar Powder

Redo LB Agar:

  • To avoid wastage, we mixed (14g Agar and 14g broth dissolved in 400ml of distill water each) togethet with another 200ml of distill water, 11g Agar and 1g of Broth into a 1000ml volumetric flask.
  • The mixture was stirred well and then poured into three 400ml flask and autoclave under 121 degress at 15 minutes.
  • Upon completion, the flasks was taken out and keep in the 70 degress incubator.
  • Around 10 petri disk agar was made with this new LB agar.
  • When the agar cooled down, we streak it with the previous culture Ecole.
  • The Ecoli petri disk was stored in the 37 degres incubator for 24 hour.


  • The petri disk will then be taken out after 24hour to be stored in the fridge so that we could carry on our experiment on monday