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  • Started at 945am
  • Culture medium preparation
    • 1g of BD Agar and 11g of BD Broth weighed out on a weighing scale into a 1000ml flask.
    • Add 200ml of distilled water
    • Add 400ml of BD Agar solution (14g BD Agar to 400ml distilled water) and 400ml of BD Broth (14g LB Broth to 400ml distilled water).
    • Stir well and separate into 3 bottles (300ml each).
  • Autoclaved 1030am at 121 degrees for 15min (waited for about 2hrs for the temperature to rise and pressure to build up and lower). Temperature safe to remove is 80 degrees and when pressure gauge shows 0.
  • Prepared E coli (K12 W3110) broth mixture and incubated at 30 degrees.
    • E coli was filled with LB Broth in a test tube (ratio 0.1ml:9ml).
    • Placed in a shaking incubator at 252rpm for 6hr at 35.2 degrees (start time 10am).
  • Note
    • Above procedure was to not waste the mediums prepared the past 2 days.
    • Suppose to be 15g BD agar, 25g LB broth in 1L distilled water.