Chang Lab:Notebook/CBE/08/146/2008/12/04

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Entry title

  • Started at 930am
  • E coli culturing
    • Used Biosafety Hood to UV for 20 mins, turned off and left for 5 mins.
    • E coli culture from 3 Dec 08 was removed from shaking incubator (incubated 16 hrs)
    • Under the hood, one loopful of E coli streaked (quadrant streaking method) onto LB(A) plate (immediate culture)
    • Repeat for onto LB(A) slant (stock culture)
    • 2X E coli plate and slant incubated at 37 C overnight (started at 1020am)
  • Medium preparation
  • Notes
  • Always Parafilm petri dishes when storing
  • Overturn dishes upon storing (for incubation, overturn only when no moisture is visibly found)
  • Failed: using incorrectly prepared medium which did not contain broth in it.