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Maya Sederholm 1317 E. 9th St. Tucson, AZ 85719 (281) 450-5662 •

EDUCATION The University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona (August 2010- Current) • Undergraduate Environmental Science major with Ecology focus (August 2011- Current) o Double Major- BFA in Dance, focuses in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques (August 2010- May 2014) o Dean's List: Fall 2010 to Current o Summer grant recipient for Namibia (2013) o Summer scholarships (2011 and 2012) for dance programs o Arizona Excellence Award (Fall 2010- Spring 2014) o Jesse Jones Scholar and scholarship recipient (Fall 2010- Spring 2014)

The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts- Houston, Texas (August 2006- May 2010) • Public magnet school for the Arts, focus was Dance • Graduated with Honors in both my academic and art areas

RESEARCH Desert Ecology and Conservation Biology in Namibia, Africa (May- June 2013) • Six week class conducted by Dr. Tom Wilson and Dr. Hans-Werner Herrmann traveling throughout Namibia studying African Ecology and Biology • Conducted my own observational research on the animal behavior and interactions around the Moringa Waterhole in Etosha National Park • Assisted on ecological study of a Ficus sycomorus and the surrounding soil at an ephemeral riverbed • Captured Pedioplanis inornata to collect DNA samples for sequencing and analysis, results used so mining companies could assess their negative effects on the lizards (and the environment) • Researched information about cheetahs and led a discussion/debate about their conservation

OUTREACH/VOLUNTEER Tucson Festival of Books (March 2013) • Worked in “Science City” tent teaching about geology • Had a collection of minerals, rocks, and fossils and identified them to the public • Public display of a "volcano" using baking soda and vinegar to demonstrate pressure from plate tectonics

Compost Cats (Fall 2011) • Stood at eateries around campus and educated people on what they could compost • Encouraged and helped students to sort their trash from compostable items and put them in the right bins to be taken to the Campus Agriculture Center

Soil, Water, and Environmental Science Club (August 2011- Present) • Treasurer (Fall 2012- Spring 2013) and Member (Fall 2011- Current) • Distinguished club at The University of Arizona that is a student-run organization actively working with department faculty to engage in current environmental science issues, cleanups, and field work • Volunteered in projects to encourage protecting the environment and promoting sustainability o Worked to restore the Kumataka Mine in Ironwood National Forest, built half-moons and placed rocks strategically to reduce water runoff and therefore the rate of erosion, allowed plants to grow there and cover up the large scar left on the land, received a Certificate of Appreciation from The Department of the Interior- Bureau of Land Management for my contributions o Pulled buffelgrass in the greater Tucson area to decrease the amount of buffelgrass which is both invasive and highly flammable

LEADERSHIP Treasurer of SWES Club (August 2012- May 2013) • Collected fees and managed funds for trips and activities • Held the club card and deposited and withdrew money as needed • Designed, ordered, and picked up club t-shirts and sold them to members • Set up booths on The University of Arizona mall to promote our club and raise environmental awareness • Participated in the university's Earth Days (2011 and 2012) by selling potted plants on the mall • Kept the Student Underground Resource Center clean and organized

Active Member of Dancers Consortium Club (August 2010- Current) • Volunteer at the annual Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase, which is a large convention that takes place at The University of Arizona and brings in money for the dance program • Stuffed folders with paperwork and labeled and sorted them correctly • Supervised and participated in dance classes

WORK EXPERIENCE Hostess and Busser at Tokyo Steak and Sushi (Summer 2011) • Seated people with menus and took drink orders • Cleared and prepared tables • Cleaned the menus, floors, and bathrooms at close

Secretary and Cashier at The Houston Metropolitan Dance Center (Summers 2011 and 2012) • Managed front desk operations such as answering calls, registering people for classes, and filing away class cards and receipts • Helped enroll students into the intensives and find their correct classes