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Frog and Mouse DNA QC

Nov. 2014
QC of extracts received from Drexel.

Frog Quant Results
Frog extracts from 2013. When run on PicoGreen/Qubit, concentrations were far lower than reported Nanodrop scores. Re-running Nanodrop at UCLA yielded similar numbers to reported concentrations. 1μL from 4 samples run on gel showed no bands.

Mice Quant Results
Mouse extracts from 2013. PicoGreen showed higher concentrations than the frog extracts. 2μL of each extract run on gel to check for quality.
Band at ~550bp is RNA.

Mouse DNA Tissue Extractions

January 9, 2015
Extracted by Ryan and Carmen.

DNA extraction test on tissues KS1 - KS4 and MD1 - MD4, using Qiagen DNeasy Blood and Tissue Kit. Nanodrop concentrations ranged from 102.4 ng/μL to 441.7 ng/μL.

Miceextracts 2015-01-09.JPG

Mouse and Frog DNA Tissue Extractions from RNAgard/AllProtect

March 3, 2015
Extracted by Winnie and Sirena.
Nanodrop and Qubit results

MousefrogDNAextraction 2015-03-04.JPG 2μL DNA run on 1% gel
Able to extract good quality DNA from both mediums. Frogs in RNAgard clearly yielded more genetic material.