Biophysics 242r/2009:Schedule

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Biophysics 242r/2009:

Special Topics in Biophysics (Synthetic Biology)


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Note: This syllabus will be updated over the next few weeks as guest lecturer schedules are finalized.

Date Lecturer Topic Papers / Assignments
Jan. 29 Pam Silver / Jack Szostak Course Introduction – required work; paper reading and project design and presentation

Jack and Pam will present perspectives on interesting things that Nature does that can serve as basis for Synthetic Biology and examples of synthetic biology

A general overview of synthetic biology
Feb. 3 & 5 Pam Silver Designing simple biological systems "Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for an emerging discipline", "Designing biological systems", "Synthetic biology: promises and challenges"
Feb. 10 & 12 Tom Knight Logic and engineering applied to biology T.B.A.
Feb. 17 Jeremy Gunawardena Quantitative considerations in complex system design T.B.A.
Feb. 19 Kristala Jones Prather Cell-based factories T.B.A.
Feb. 24 & 26 Pam Silver Synthetic devices - beyond transcription T.B.A.
Mar. 3 & 5 Joseph (Jay) Vacanti Tissue Engineering T.B.A.
Mar. 10 & 12 George Church Building artificial organisms, reprogramming cellular genomes, and in vitro genomes "Synthetic biology projects in vitro," Forster and Church
Mar. 17 & 19 William Shih DNA nanostructures The Rothemund 2006 and Yin et al 2008 Nature manuscripts.
Mar. 24 & 26 Spring break, no class n/a n/a
Mar. 31 & Apr. 2 Jack Szostak Evolution vs Design of Molecular Components (Aptamers, Ribozymes, Riboswitches) T.B.A., 1 page blurb about project due!
Apr. 7 & 9 Jack Szostak Evolution vs Design of Molecular Components (Folded Proteins, Enzymes) T.B.A.
Apr. 14 & 16 Jack Szostak Protocell Design: Self-Replicating Materials T.B.A.
Apr. 21 & 23 Jack Szostak DNA Computing OR re-design of phages as therapeutics for bacterial infections, or for non-medical biofilm problems T.B.A.
Apr. 28 & 30 n/a Project discussions Project due!
May 6, 7, & 8 Craig Venter Non-mandatory Prather lectures, not actually affiliated with this class, but attendance is recommended n/a