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<a href="">Biomod<a/>|<a href="">2013</a>



1. Protocols

   UV-tuning parasol

1.1. <a href="">The spectrum measurement of gold nanoparticles</a>
1.2. <a href="">Gold nanoparticles and thiol modified DNA conjugation</a>
1.3. <a href="">Observation of Optical responsivity with UV</a>
1.4. <a href="">Threshold</a>
1.5. <a href="">Reaction of Linker-output complex and DNA signal</a>
1.6. <a href="">Reaction of Threshold complex and DNA signal</a>
1.7. <a href="">Thresholding the amount of DNA signal</a>
1.8. <a href="">Conjugating polystyrene micro beads with DNA by biotin and streptavidin</a>
1.9. <a href="">Electrophoresis of the crosslinking structure</a>
1.10.<a href=""> Break the connection between gold nanoparticles and micro-sized beads</a>
1.11. <a href="">Make the connection between gold nanoparticles and polystyrene micro beads </a>
1.12. <a href="">Confirm that ssRNA is not degraded by RNaseH</a>

   Controlable Makeup

1.13. <a href="">Make Three-dimension crystal structure of polystyrene micro beads</a>
1.14. <a href="">Observation of plasmon resonance</a>
1.15. <a href="">Creating Three-dimension structure by gold</a>
1.16. <a href="">Change of the polystyrene micro beads’ distance and structural colors</a>

2. <a href="">Material Lists and Kits</a>
3. Software