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<script type"text/javascript"> //fix heading var h1 = $(".firstHeading").text().split("/"); $(".firstHeading").text(h1[h1.length-1]); </script>

       <style type='text/css'>
           .kwicks {
               height: 50px;
           .kwicks > a {
               height: 50px;
           #panel-1 { background-color: #2ecc71; }
           #panel-2 { background-color: #3498db; }
           #panel-3 { background-color: #e74c3c; }
           #panel-4 { background-color: #9b59b6; }


<div class='kwicks kwicks-horizontal'>

<a href='#' id='panel-1'></a> <a href='#' id='panel-2'></a> <a href='#' id='panel-3'></a> <a href='#' id='panel-4'></a> </div>

       <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
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           $(function() {
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</html> <html> <div id="content_main"> <p> Our project uses so-called smart polymers to produce hollow nanocontainers or polymersomes, whose walls contain channels for controlled transport both in and out the sphere. The used polymers are self assembling, very stable and flexible due to the structure of two hydrophilic with one hydrophobic block in the middle of their chain. By taking advantage of a new and booming technology called DNA-origami forbuilding the transport channels we are not only achieving a highly flexible system with an immense amount of variation in the transporting properties but also constructing a completely synthetic device in nanoscale. Combined with enzymes enclosed inside the containers and targeting molecules like antibodies bound to the outside of the container, we aim to construct a smart nanocontainer capable of complex switchable functionality like transporting enzymes or drugs to specific tissues or eveninto cells, provided the small size of the container. Thus, our system is a novel form of drug treatment.The following figure depicts the fun part in color and shape ;) </p> </html>