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Health Care Issue



Capture Vascular

Clears clots in the veins and arteries. The equipment used will cause little to no damage. This product damns up the build up in the veins and the proceeds to break it lose. Once the build up is broken from the sides of the vein it is then vacuumed up.

The damning system used could cause possible build up of blood in the vein. This means the equipment is blocking the flow of blood thus causing the vein to swell.

Customer Validation

The majority of patients are either of elder age or suffer from high cholesterol. This system uses an pattern of ultrasound waves to break the plaque free of the wall. This is a much safer method compared to the scooping of the plaque from inside the veins. This will help prevent heart attack, strokes, or embolisms. This product is focused to deliver the patient with exceptional results, without breaking the bank.

Insurance companies will see that our product is very cost efficient. Our Product uses a much more suitable procedure that damns off the section where the plaque build up is to better focus on releasing the build up. This will help prevent future build up and cause for a much longer term of relief.

Physicians should see our product as a much safer and easier to use product. The safety element we provide would relive the doctor of any common stress possibly brought upon him in surgery. This also benefits the physician so that he reduces the risk of possibly injuring the patient causing legal issues.

Due to the design of our product we have greatly reduced the price compared to our competitors making providers more likely to advertise this product to their customers.


This product should bring a lot of attention from investors and other incorporations. Companies that invest in products of this sort would greatly appreciate the value and marketability our product has.

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