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   BISC 220 Cellular Physiology
   <p class="style5">The following resources 
 may be helpful in completing research assignments for the course.  Feel free to contact the Wellesley College Science Reference Librarian, Neil Nero, for further help. 
<a href="mailto:">Neil Nero</a>


  • <a href="#cycle">Learn about the research cycle</a>
  • <a href=#background>Find background</a>
  • <a href=#books>Find books</a><a href=#background>
  • <a href="#articles">Find journal articles</a>


<a href="">Offcampus Access </a>·<a href=""> Databases A-Z </a>· <a href="">Research Guides by Subject</a> | <a href=""> by Course</a> · <a href="">Reference Books Online</a> · <a href="">Library Catalog</a></td>

<p><a name="cycle"></a>Learn about the research cycle

<a href="">Scientific Research Process & Publication Cycle</a> - primary, secondary, and access (or tertiary) literature (Humboldt State University, February 6, 2008)
<a href="">Peer Review in a Nutshell</a> - "scientific quality control" (Science Media Centre, London, September 29, 2003)
<a href="">Open Access Journal Literature</a> (PennState World Campus, Terra Incognita, September 5, 2007)

<a name="background" id="background"></a>Find background

Reference works (online or print) can be used to acquire basic information on an unfamiliar concept or to gather ideas for your topic.

Language of Science
<a href="">Deciphering Medspeak</a> - Medical Library Association
Melloni's Illustrated Medical Dictionary - Science Reference q R121 .D76 2002

<a href="">Credo Reference</a> - Medicine and Biology
<a href="">Oxford Reference Online - Medicine</a> - Advanced Search

<a name="books"></a>Find books

<a href="">Wellesley College Library Catalog</a>

  • tip: in the<a href=""> library catalog</a>, start with keyword > choose a useful book > Full Record tab - follow the subject links to find more on that topic
  • tip: to see the subscription details for a print journal or serial ['Lib has'] > Full Record tab.

<a name="articles"></a>Find journal articles

The following databases provide either full-text articles or citations (information about when and where the peer-reviewed article was published).