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    font-size: 145%;

} div h1 {

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} div h2 {

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</style> </p> <center> <table align="center" border = "0">

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   <th><img src="" width="250"></th>

</table> <h1>Team DNAbeans 2014</h1>

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    <th bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center><font size="+2"><a href=""><span style="color:#CC0000">DNAbeans</span></a></font></center></th>
    <th bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center><font size="+2"><a href=""><span style="color:#CC0000">Team</span></a></font></center></th>
    <th bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center><font size="+2"><a href=""><span style="color:#CC0000">Project</span></a></font></center></th>
    <th bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center><font size="+2"><a href=""><span style="color:#CC0000">Labwork</span></a></font></center></th>     
    <th bgcolor="#CC0000"><center><font size="+2"><a href=""><span style="color:#FFFFFF">BIOMOD2013</span></a></font></center></th>

</tbody> </table> <body>


<p style="line-height:200%; font-family: Century Gothic, sans-serif, Impact, Charcoal; font-size:145%"> Last year the DNAbeans struggled to functionalize the gold nanoparticles to be placed on the DNA origami. Despite a fully formed DNA origami we were unable to test the theory behind our project. Near the competition deadline we were able to functionlize the gold nanorods with DNA but the yield was too low and was unusable. Multiple approaches were tried including pH variations, ligand exchanges, and heat treatments to bind DNA to the gold. The link to our previous wiki can be found here. <a href="">Continue to BIOMOD 2013: Team DNAbeans</a> </p> <br> <body>

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