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<a href=" ">Team Sendai</a> > <a href="">Team Sendai A Top</a>> <a href=" ">Methods</a>


<img src=" " alt="AFM" width="580" height="400"/>

<img src=""width="200" height="180"/>   AFM enables us to observe nano size structures composed of DNA. Make an observation sample. We put an observation object on a mica for five minutes and wash it in buffer. (Tris/Tris-HCL 20 mM Mg2+ 12.5 mM pH = 7.4)


<img src="" alt="AFM" width="580" height="400"/>   We can see whether constructing DNA structures is achieved or not by Electrophoresis. It also informs us of DNA length of approximately.</br>   The electrophoretic condition is cf. Result & Method.</font>

How to create micelle

<img src="" alt="soni" "width="400" height="380"/>   We dissolve lipid (OcTMAB) in chloroform. Take a small amount of solution, blow-dry it completely with a stream of argon gas. Add TAE Mg2+ buffer or mQ and multiply the high frequency by ultrasonic liquid processor.

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