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Department of Physics, Willamette University


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Making Glucose Oxidase Catalase

FINAL CONCENTRATION of 50x GOC stock: 10.8 mg/mL glucose oxidase, 1.8 mg/mL catalase in 1x AB-DTT and 50% Glycerol

  • Glucose Oxidase, Aspergillus niger (Calbiochem, 346385)
  • Catalase, from Bovine Liver (Sigma, 19.9 mg/mL)
  • Glycerol, Anhydrous

1. Make 2x Assay Buffer (2xAB)

1 mL 2xAB
10x AB stock 200 uL
100x DTT stock 20 uL
ddwater 780 uL

2. Make 43 mg/mL glucose oxidase (GO) in 2xAB.

Combine 17 mg of GO with 400 μL 2xAB to make ~400 μL of GO.

3. Make 7.2 mg/mL catalase.

Combine 145 μL of catalase with 255 μL of 2xAB to make 400 μL of catalase.

4. Add glycerol to the GO and catalase stocks 1:1 volume/volume.

Add 400 μL of glycerol to each, being careful to not introduce bubbles, especially in the GO.
This produces 100x stocks of GO and catalase.

5. Combine the GO stock and catalase stock 1:1 volume/volume to yield a 50x stock of GOC.

6. Aliquot into 50 μL stocks, which are stored at 20°C