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Welcome to Zhao Lab!

Our laboratory is affiliated with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the The Ohio State University. Our studies focus on interdisciplinary research by applying micro/nano engineering principles in biomedical and clinical applications for improving human health. We design, fabricate and characterize micro/nano total analysis systems utilizing new fabrication technologies and materials.

Latest Lab News

  • Nov 2012:   Hansong Zeng, one of our lab alumni, has won a total of $1.6 million industrial research fund in his industrial position as the principal investigator within nine months of graduation. Congratulations, Hansong!
  • Aug 2012:   Kang Wei, a 3rd year doctoral student, has won the best poster award in 2012 Ohio State Biomedical Engineering Conference for his work entitled "A 3D Artificial Compound Eye for Directional and Wide-angle Imaging". Congratulations!
  • Aug 2012:   Hansong Zeng, one of our lab alumni, received his first SBIR grant from US Army as the principal investigator. Hansong Zeng worked in our lab from Oct 2007 and received his doctoral degree in 2012. He has published nine journal papers in the areas of biomedical micro/nanotechnologies and medical devices during his doctoral study. Following his graduation, he has worked as a medical device research&commercialization engineer at Sentient Inc. This was his first submission of SBIR proposal as a PI. He is well deserved for this award. Congratulations!
  • Apr 2012:   Xu Zhang won the HHMI Med into Grad Scholarship for his project on treating LV hypertrophy and heart failure with physical exercise. Congratulations!
  • Feb 2012:   Hansong Zeng passed his doctoral defense exam. Congratulations, Dr. Zeng!
  • Feb 2012:   Xu Zhang received a third place award of the 2012 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum Poster Division, the university wide annual research event at The Ohio State University, for his work entitled "Spatially Controllable Deposition of Electrosprayed Microparticles". Congratulations!
  • October 2011:   Two 2nd year BME doctoral student, Xu Zhang and Kang Wei received National Science Foundation (NSF) travel awards to present their work at the 2011 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition to be held Nov 11-17 at Denver, CO. Congratulations!
  • September 2011:   One new doctoral student, Lingqian Chang will join the lab. Welcome, Lingqian!
  • August 2011:   Dr. Zhao received a NUE award from National Science Foundation to develop integrative biomedical nanotechnology laboratory experience. Congratulations!
  • July 2011:  Kang Wei won the HHMI Med into Grad Scholarship for his project on bioinspired opto-fluid imaging system towards advanced laparoscopic instruments. Congratulations!
  • July 2011:  Dr. Zhao received an Instructional Technology Development Grant from College of Engineering for adding interactive learning experience in undergraduate courses of bioimaging and biomedical micro/nanotechnology. Congratulations!
  • June 2011:  Bongsu Kim passed his doctoral defense exam. Congratulations, Dr. Kim!
  • April 2011:  Dr. Zhao won a 2011 Lumley Research Award from College of Engineering. Congratulations!
  • March 2011:  Lingqian Chang won the University Fellowship, Congratulations!
  • Feb 2011:  Hansong Zeng won the Presidential Fellowship, the most prestigious award at OSU graduate school for his outstanding research performance. Congratulations!