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===Lili Niu===
===Lili Niu===
   email: [mailto:niulili@gmail.com niulili@gmail.com]
   email: [mailto:niu@uchc.edu niu@uchc.edu]
   phone: (860) 679-7609
   phone: (860) 679-7609
   B.S. Peking University
   B.S. Peking University

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Welcome to our lab's wiki page. We are part of the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at University of Connecticut Health Center.


Ji Yu

List of publications.

 Assistant Professor
 Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling
 Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology
 email: jyu@uchc.edu  
 phone: (860) 679-7680
 B.S. Tsinghua University 
 Ph.D University of Texas at Austin

Amal Kasry

 email: kasry@uchc.edu
 phone: (860) 679-7609
 B.S. Cairo University
 M.Sc. Ain-Shams University
 Ph.D Johannes Gutenberg University & Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Lili Niu

 email: niu@uchc.edu
 phone: (860) 679-7609
 B.S. Peking University
 Ph.D Texas A&M University


One Molecule at a Time

A general aim of our group is to develop new single molecule experiments to study processes in live cells. For the past decade, single molecule techniques of various kinds have greatly extended the toolbox of biochemists for studying biomolecules in vitro. However, in order to truly understand the activity of biomolecules, it is also imperative to put them back into the environment of live cells and watch them from there -- hence our goal. We will keep sharing with you our thrills of adventuring into this very young field, by keep updating this web page.



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