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  • "Differential effects of insufflated, subcutaneous, and intravenous growth hormone on bone growth, cognitive function and NMDA receptor subunit expression", a study at Samsung Medical Center (Korea) that Sooyoung and Yoon participated as co-authors, is accepted for publication in Endocrinology. Congratulations! (6/10/10)
  • Congratulations! Basma Ibrahim wins the 2010-2011 pre-doctoral fellowship from the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) of Indiana. (5/12/10)
  • Zohreh Amoozgar and Dr. Yeo win the 2010 Purdue Research Foundation Research Grant. Congratulations! (4/6/10)
  • Congratulations! Emily Gullotti wins the P.E.O. Scholar Award! (4/3/10)
  • Congratulations! Emily Gullotti and Skylar Wolfe are pleased to announce that they become Mr. & Mrs. on March 14th 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada. See their Thank-you note to the Lab. (3/14/10).
  • Emily Gullotti receives the Magoon Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant (3/1/10). Congratulations!
  • "Photocrosslinkable chitosan modified with angiopoietin-1 peptide, QHREDGS, promotes survival of neonatal rat heart cells", a study at U. Toronto (PI: M. Radisic) that Zohreh and Yoon participated in as co-authors, is accepted for publication in Journal of Biomedical Materials Research A (1/4/10). Congratulations!
  • Basma Ibrahim receives Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Travel Grant (12/14/09). This award partially supports her last travel to the AAPS meeting in LA. Congratulations!
  • Gaurav Bajaj's commentary on "Drug delivery systems for intraperitoneal therapy" was accepted for publication in Pharm. Res. Congratulations! (12/3/09)
  • Basma Ibrahim's paper on "Development of inhalable dry powder formulation of basic fibroblast growth factor" was accepted for publication in Int. J. Pharm. Congratulations! (10/12/09)
  • Yan Yang (and Haein Yang)'s paper on "Inhalable antibiotic delivery using a dry powder co-delivering recombinant deoxyribonuclease and ciprofloxacin for treatment of cystic fibrosis" was accepted for publication in Pharm. Res. Congratulations! (9/29/09)
  • Emily Gullotti was chosen as one of the top 10 finalists in the annual Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Poster Competition in the graduate category. Her poster titled "Peritumorally activatable nanoparticles for drug delivery to multidrug resistant tumors" will be presented at The Society of Women Engineers National Conference in Long Beach, CA, in October. Congratulations and good luck! (9/1/09)
  • Basma Ibrahim receives the 2009-2010 Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship in the Life Sciences. Congratulations! (8/31/09)
  • Dr. Yeo receives the 2009 AAPS New Investigator Grant In Pharmaceutics And Drug Delivery And Pharmaceutical Technologies, which will be presented at the 2009 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition (8/25/09).
  • Emily Gullotti won the Joe Bourland Graduate Student Travel Award. (8/21/09) Congratulations!
  • Joonyoung Park's poster presented at 2009 SURF Research Symposium was chosen as one of the top 10 posters out of 115. Zohreh Amoozgar, student mentor for Joonyoung Park, received the 2009 SURF Mentor of the Summer award. (8/6/09) Congratulations to both Zohreh and Joonyoung!
  • Peisheng Xu (and Griffin Quick)'s paper on "Gene delivery through the use of a hyaluronate-associated intracellularly degradable cross-linked polyethyleneimine" was accepted for publication in Biomaterials. Congratulations! (7/8/09)
  • Basma Ibrahim won third place in poster presentation at the 41th Annual Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Research Meeting, West Lafayette. Congratulations! (6/26/09)
  • Emily Gullotti's review paper on "Extracellularly activated nanocarriers: A new paradigm of tumor targeted drug delivery" was published in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Congratulations! (4/14/09)
  • Zohreh Amoozgar receives the 2009 Lilly Endowment Graduate Research Award. Congratulations! We thank the Lilly Endowment for the support! (4/2/09)
  • Tyler Shugg receives 2009 Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations! (3/23/09)
  • Dr. Yeo receives the 3M Non-tenured faculty grant for the third year. We thank 3M for the continuing support! (2/10/09)
  • Dr. Yeo receives the AACP New Investigator Award. (11/5/08)
  • Peisheng Xu (and Emily Gullotti)'s paper on "Intracellular drug delivery by poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles, revisited." was published in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Congratulations! (11/26/08)
  • Yan Yang (and Nimisha Bajaj, Peisheng Xu, and Kim Ohn)'s paper on "Development of highly porous large PLGA microparticles for pulmonary drug delivery" was accepted for publication in Biomaterials. Congratulations! (12/15/08)