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Welcome to Bioaerosol Laboratory at Peking University (北京大学 生物气溶胶实验室)


1. Bioaerosol symposium to be held at Jaingsu Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, June 16, 2011.

2.Our review paper "Bioaerosol Science, Technology and Engineering: Past, Present and Future" was accepted to Aerosol Science and Technology on May 30, 2011!; Wu Yan's paper was accepted to Journal of Aerosol Science!

3.Three graduate students are scheduled for Platform Talks at 30th AAAR (Oct 2011), USA and Asian Aerosol Conference in Xi'an!

4.Dr. Yao was scheduled to give two Platform Talks at European Aerosol Conference, Sept 2011, UK!

bioaerosol detection signal transmission
bioaerosol sampling and detection

Our bioaerosol laboratory was started in August 2007 in the Department of Environmental Sciences, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, in Beijing. Our laboratory applies physical, chemical and biological techniques and tools to study microorganisms in the air (biological aerosols-bioaerosols), and provides information on human biological exposure and assesses relevant health effects. Specificly, we are focusing on the following areas: (1)bioaerosol sampling, detection, characterization, generation; (2) bioaerosol exposure assessment and control; (3) environmental bioaerosol sensor development; (4) roles of bioaerosols in climate change. We are working in highly inter-disciplinary and innovation-driven arena, providing unlimited opportunities for creative and ambitious students and postdocs. Our ultimate goals are to protect people from the exposure of disease causing biological aerosols, and to apply our developed techniques to achieve early disease screening. Over the past three years, our lab, despite of young, made great strides in bioaerosol fields.

We currently have several openings at different levels. Please contact Dr. Yaofor further information.

We will never cease to work hard to succeed! --Maosheng Yao 01:12, 1 June 2011 (EDT)