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Welcome to Xu lab!


  • Congratulations to Benjamin! Our group has been awarded funding through the Magellan Scholar Program to support BENJAMIN BRUMMEL's undergradute research.

  • Our paper recently published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, (2012) 9 (9), 2719-2729, "pH and redox dual responsive nanoparticle for nuclear targeted drug delivery", was listed among the top 10 Most Read Articles published in this journal over one month period (10/29/12)

  • "Droplet Sorting Based on the Number of Encapsulated Particles Using a Solenoid Valve" , a study at Virginia Tech that Huacheng and Peisheng participated in as co-authors, is accepted for publication in Lab on a Chip (10/15/12)

  • "Multicompartment Intracellular Self-Expanding Nanogel for Targeted Delivery of Drug Cocktail" by Remant is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials (09/03/12)

  • "pH and Redox Dual Responsive Nanoparticle for Nuclear Targeted Drug Delivery" by Remant and Bindu is accepted for publication in Molecular Pharmaceutics (08/09/12)

  • Congratulations! Bei Cheng receives travel grant from The University of South Carolina in supporting her travel to the ACS 244th National Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 19-23, 2012, (06/18/12)

  • "Design of Serum Compatible Tetrary Complexes for Gene Delivery " is accepted for publication in Macromolecular Bioscience. (02/13/12)

  • Dr. Xu receives the AACP New Investigator Award. (01/05/12)

  • "Chemical Transfection of Cells in Picoliter Aqueous Droplets in Fluorocarbon Oil" is accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry. (10/09/11)

  • Dr. Xu chaired the Targeted Drug Delivery Systems and Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems sessions at the International Conference on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems 7-8 June, Las Vegas,USA. (06/11/11)

  • Dr. Xu has been invited to be a member of the editorial board of the Journal of" Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta". (03/31/11)

  • "Charge-reversal polyamidoamine dendrimer for cascade nuclear drug delivery" is accepted for publication in Nanomedicine. (10/07/10)

  • "Zwitterionic chitosan derivatives for pH-sensitive stealth coating" is accepted for publication in Biomacromolecules. (7/26/10)


  • Jason C. Eckert from South Carolina Governor's School joins the lab (SPRI, Summer, 2012). Welcome!

  • Jasmine Henderson from Morris College joins the lab as a DOE - EM student scholar (Summer, 2012). Welcome!

  • Bei Cheng from Wuhan University, China, joins the lab on August 12th, 2011 as a graduate student. Welcome!

  • Huacheng He from Zhejiang University, China, joins the lab on August 10th, 2011 as a graduate student. Welcome!

  • Dr. Remant Bahadur K.C. from Chonbuk National University, Korea, joins the lab on December 1st, 2010 as a post-doctoral associate. Welcome aboard!

  • Jittima Luckanagul (BMS) joins the lab for rotation training. Welcome!

Contact information:

Peisheng Xu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

South Carolina College of Pharmacy

University of South Carolina

715 Sumter St, 609A

Columbia, SC, 29208

Phone: 803-777-0075

Fax: 803-777-8356