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[mailto:xuyanyan.tsinghua@gmail.com XU Yanyan], M.S. in Neurobiology, Nantong University
[mailto:xuyanyan.tsinghua@gmail.com XU Yanyan], M.S. in Neurobiology, Nantong University
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Our Group Site at Yahoo

X-LAB 2011.9.10

Principle Investigator

LIU Xiaodong, Ph.D.

Administrative Assistant



Postdoctoral Researchers

CUI Wenjuan, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (Biophysics), The Chinese Academy of Sciences


Francesco Silvestre, Ph.D. in Animal Biology, University of Calabria, Italy

Francesco Silvestre




Journal Articles

1. Xu Y, Zhang Q, Yu S, Yang Y, Ding F. (2011) The protective effects of chitooligosaccharides against glucose deprivation-induced cell apoptosis in cultured cortical neurons through activation of PI3K/Akt and MEK/ERK1/2 pathways. Brain Research 1375:49-58.

2. Shao B, Jiang J, Wu Q, Xu Y, Lv Q, Li X, Wang P, Shen A, Yan M. (2011) The nuclear localization of CAPON in hippocampus and cerebral cortex neurons after lipopolysaccharide stimulation. Neuroimmunomodulationrain 18(2):89-97.

Conference Abstracts

Liu Q, Xie X, Zhang Y, Xu Y, Zhang Y, Liu X, Bai J and Liu XD (2011), Characterization of quantitative FRET sensors for fluorescence molecular tomography, Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD USA


XUE Wenwen, M.S. in Microbial & Biochemical Pharmacy, Henan University of Technology


WU Jinzhi, M.S. in Physical Electronics, Shanxi University


Ph.D. Students

LIU Nan, B.S. in Biological Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Master's Students

FENG Lei, B.S. (visiting)

TANG Ji, B.S., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


JIANG Peng, B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology


Undergraduate Students

Visiting Scientist

YANG Sheng, Ph.D., University of Southern California, USA


Alexander Stamatios Dakos, 2011 Summer, BME, Johns Hopkins University

LV Shuna, 2011 Spring, BS Thesis, School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Current Position: Graduate Student, Hongkong Sci and Tech. University

PIAN Bing, 2011 Spring, BS Thesis, Program of Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Current Position:

LIU Qing, 2010-2011, Research Assistant, Peking University, Chemistry and Psychology

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Texas, USA

XIE Xin, 2010-2011, Research Assistant, Peking University, Biology

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Texas, USA

ZHANG Yue, 2010 Summer, Undergraduate Student, Southeast University, BME

Current Position: Graduate Student, BME, Tsinghua

CHEN Peihua, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist, 2010 Summer, Zhejiang University BME

Current Position: Institute of Biophysics, CAS, Postdoctoral Fellow