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'''2013.10 刘楠同学获得清华大学博士生访学基金资助, 将由实验室派往美国哥伦比亚大学从事为期半年的合作研究'''
'''2013.10 刘楠同学获得清华大学博士生访学基金资助, 将由实验室派往美国哥伦比亚大学从事为期半年的合作研究'''
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54th 中国博士后基金二等,congratulations, Min!
54th 中国博士后基金二等,congratulations, Min!
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'''Principles of Neural Science and Neural Engineering'''  
'''Principles of Neural Science and Neural Engineering'''  
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'''Two New Grants Awarded to X-Lab'''
'''Two New Grants Awarded to X-Lab'''

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XLABNews Title.jpg

2014.7 Undergraduate student from X-lab won 2014 excellent thesis research award of Tsinghua University

Congratulations, Xingjian!

2014.7 PhD student from X-lab won best poster award at 10th CSCS

Congratulations, Yaxiong!


2014.6 Undergraduate thesis work in X-Lab recognized as 'Excellent Research'

Congratulations, Xiaozhe!


2014.2 X-Lab Succeeded in BNSF (Beijing Natural Science Foundation) Grant Application

7142089 医药 面上项目 靶向心肌细胞Cav1.3钙通道的新型调控多肽研究 刘晓冬 教授 清华大学医学院 北京华信医院(合作单位)

2013.10 刘楠同学获得清华大学博士生访学基金资助, 将由实验室派往美国哥伦比亚大学从事为期半年的合作研究

Nan Columbia.png

2013.9 Dr. LIU Min from X-Lab Won CLS Postdoctoral Fellowship


2013.8 Dr. LIU Min from X-Lab Won Postdoctoral Award

54th 中国博士后基金二等,congratulations, Min!

2013.8 X-Lab Succeeded in NSFC Grant Application

31370822 刘晓冬 L型电压门控钙通道对其钙依赖失活的自抑制 C050402 1/1/14 12/31/17 面上项目 90万

2013.8 X-Lab Presented Research at WACBE International Bioengineering Conference 2013, Beijing

X-lab members successfully presented 5 posters (Mingfeng and Jinzhi, Nan, Ji, Yingqi and Min) and 1 talk (Peng).

2013.7 Dr. LIU Min, Postdoctoral Fellow from X-Lab Presented Research at IUPS July 21-26 2013, Birmingham UK

Bio-inspired Peptide Modulators of Calcium Dependent Inactivation Revealed the Role of CaV1.3 Channels in Neuronal Development

2013.6 Undergraduate Research in X-Lab recognized as 'Excellent Theses'

WANG Yingqi won one of the two BME slots for excellent undergraduate theses here at Tsinghua; also, LIU Jinxin got similar honor from Chinese Agriculture University (NONG-DA).

Congratulations to Yingqi and Jinxin!!!

2013.6 Dr. LIU Xiaodong received Janssen Investigator Award

This award is to recognize Dr. LIU Xiaodong's research achievement in mechanisms of voltage-gated calcium channels and on-going efforts in molecular physiology of voltage-gated calcium channels in non-excitable cells (such as T-lymphocytes).


Two New Grants Awarded to X-Lab





Opening Positions of X-Lab: starting to accept applications from Nov. 2011 until filled


X-Lab Students attended Tsinghua BoShiSheng Symposium of Medical School, Nov 19, 2011, Beijing

JIANG Peng (Prize for Excellent Oral Talks)

LIU Nan, et al. (Poster)

TANG Ji, et al. (Poster)

JIANG Peng from X-Lab received "Best Poster Award" at 17th “International Biophysics Congress” (IAPUB) Oct 30-Nov 3 Beijing, China See also, BME Departmental News

Congratulations, Peng!

LIU Xiaodong presented X-Lab research as an invited talk at Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP2011), Nov. 13-16, 2011, Shanghai

JIANG Peng from X-Lab presented research at Tsinghua BoShiShen Symposium of Life and Biomedical Sciences, Oct 15-16, 2011, Beijing


X-Lab presented research at CaBP17, July 17-20, 2011, Beijing

LIU Nan et al.(poster)

XU Yanyan et al. (poster)

LIU Xiaodong (invited talk)

The X-lab is starting to accept PTN students for research rotations!



Postdoctoral Position Openings http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/191089-Postdoctoral-Fellow-Tsinghua-University

X-Lab (LIU Qing, XIE Xin and LIU Xiaodong) presented the poster:


Author Block: Qing Liu, Xin Xie, Yi Zhang, Yanyan Xu, Yue Zhang, Xin Liu, Jing Bai, Xiaodong Liu.

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

during Biophysics Society Annual Meeting, March 2011 at Baltimore, MD, USA


Individual Meetings (Starting from 2011/10)

17th “International Biophysics Congress” (IAPUB) Oct 30-Nov 3 Beijing, China


55th Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society March 5 - 9, 2011