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Principle Investigator: Xiaodong LIU, Ph.D. (刘晓冬)

Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine
School of Life Sciences
at Tsinghua University

Welcome to the X-Lab!


The central focus of our lab is ion channels, the third largest superfamily of signaling proteins. We are particularly attracted by the amazing capabilities of ion channels in sensing exogenous stimuli of diverse modality, such as transmembrane potentials, ionic signals, mechanical forces and electromagnetic radiations. How exactly would ion channels sense, transduce and process the stimuli (i.e., energy and information) at submolecular, molecular and cellular levels? Based on these core biophysics, we pursue mechanistic understanding, pathophysiological ramifications and bioengineering innovations, of transmembrane signaling via ion channels, especially those related to sensory functions, including vision, taste, hearing and other less-studied modalities.