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Principle Investigator: Xiaodong LIU, Ph.D. (刘晓冬)

Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine
School of Life Sciences
at Tsinghua University

Welcome to the X-Lab!


Our lab is broadly interested in transmembrane and sensory signaling based on channels, pursuing both biophysical mechanisms and bioengineering innovations.

One of the most important signaling pathways to convey information from external world into biological systems is by way of channels sitting across the membrane. Such channels: could be cued either by physical (e.g. voltage or photons) or by chemical signals (e.g. toxins or ions); could be either natural channels (e.g. ion channels conductive to Ca2+ or K+) or engineered channels (e.g., nanopores by ultrasound). We mainly focus on fundamental mechanisms critical to channel complexes involved in transmembrane signaling, especially those related to sensory functions, such as vision, taste, hearing and other less-studied modalities. Representative work toward this direction refers to Liu X. et. al. Nature. Meanwhile, we actively explore the potentials of novel methodologies developed or derived from our basic research, such as sonoporation, channel modulators, biomolecular sensors etc. relevant publications

Lab News

X-Lab presented research at CaBP17, July 17-20, 2011, Beijing

LIU Nan et al.(poster)

XU Yanyan et al. (poster)

LIU Xiaodong (invited talk)

The X-lab is starting to accept PTN students for research rotations!



Postdoctoral Position Openings http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/191089-Postdoctoral-Fellow-Tsinghua-University

X-Lab (LIU Qing, XIE Xin and LIU Xiaodong) presented the poster:


Author Block: Qing Liu, Xin Xie, Yi Zhang, Yanyan Xu, Yue Zhang, Xin Liu, Jing Bai, Xiaodong Liu.

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

during Biophysics Society Annual Meeting, March 2011 at Baltimore, MD, USA


Individual Meetings (Starting from 2011/5)

X-LAB Schedule

17th “International Biophysics Congress” (IAPUB) Oct 30-Nov 3 Beijing, China


55th Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society March 5 - 9, 2011


Journal Club (Jointed with DU Lab and SONG Lab)


ZHANG Yue 8/12 FRET-based FMT

XU Yanyan 9/10 GPCR/Sensory Neuron

ZHAO Shan (from Du Lab) 9/25 Remotely Triggerable Drug Delivery Systems

LIU Qing 10/15 reversible photoswitchable rsTagRFP for pcFRET

YU Tao (from Song Lab) 10/22 Tetracycline-regulatable factors with distinct dimerization domains allow reversible growth inhibition by p16

TSE Yan Franco (XIE Xin) 10/29 Calcium Channels

NIU Pengxia (from DU Lab) 11/5 fuorescent structural DNA nanoballs functionalized with phsphate-linked nuceotide triphosphates

LI Xuesong (from SONG Lab) 11/19 global and local fmri signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and writing

Claudia Wittkowske (from DU Lab) 11/26 "Glioblastoma stem-like cells give rise to tumour endothelium"

XUE Wenwen 12/10 bacteria magnetosome

YU Tao (from SONG Lab) 12/17 optical dimerization

XU Yanyan 12/24 Functional connectivity in the retina at the resolution of photoreceptors


ZHAO Shan (from Du Lab) 1/7 Mimicking nature by codelivery of stimulant and inhibitor to create temporally stable and spatially restricted angiogenic zones

LI Xuesong (from SONG Lab) 2/25 "Genetic dissection of an amygdala microcircuit that gates conditioned fear" and "Encoding of conditioned fear in central amygdala inhibitory circuits"

LIU Nan 3/28 Salty Taste


The following positions are currently available:

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ph.D. Students

Masters' Students

Please send email to Dr. Liu if you are interested. Include your CV and a brief description of your career goals.

We also welcome undergraduate students (especially from major research universities in Beijing) to conduct research in our lab on thesis projects.

All above positions can start immediately.