Wittrup: New Cell Line Banking and Authentication

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Upon receipt of a cell line new to the lab or a fresh stock from an authenticating supplier the first step is to authenticate the line and ensure its purity. If you are receiving cells from a supplier make sure that the supplier has guarenteed the sample to be mycoplasma free, otherwise test before proceeding. If you are receiving a unique cell line from another lab or alternate source always mycoplasma test before archiving. Regardless the source of the new cells, verify their general morphology on the light microscope.

Once you have validated the cell line, procede with archiving. This should be done during the first few passages following receipt of the cells. Grow the cells on a large plate or in a large flask to confluence or the maximum recommended density. Move the cells to an appropriate freezing solution and prepare as described in the freezing protocol. When receiving a cell line for the first time at least twenty aliquots should be made for liquid nitrogen storage.

When the cells have been validated and prepared for liquid nitrogen storage, go to the common computer and make a new entry in the Wittrup Cell Line Database. Copy and paste into a word document from the Cell Line Database, then print and place it in the lab’s cell line record book. Complete the form as thoroughly as possible, providing the information requested and including a picture so that future users can have a point of reference for visual comparison.

    Wittrup Cell Line Database
    User: Admin
    Password: blank