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Bug reports

Please report the bugs you found while using this wiki, either here or directly be emailing an administrator, thank you!

  • (none)

Known bugs

"regular expression too large"

When you save a page, an error message like this appears:

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: regular expression too large at offset 0 in /data/www/wikiomics/extensions/SpamBlacklist/SpamBlacklist_body.php on line 119

This is because:

  1. The blacklist is too long and should be split into fragments. This bug of older versions of SpamBlacklist.
  2. Newer versions of SpamBlacklist are incompatible with the version of MediaWiki that we are using. We need to upgrade.
  3. The source code of SpamBlackList is horribly written, in a horrible language (PHP), an I am not used to spend so much time for a so tiny fix.

You must wait for the upgrade, which may not be simple.

However, it still saves pages, so you can still use the wiki, although it's very unconvenient.

Update: for now the quick fix was to use only the latest 1000 entries of the list (no, Iam not proud of it). It might not fight spam very well...

Email not working

Email confirmation, notification, etc seems to be broken at the moment. Please be patient...

References disappearing

Occasionally all the PubMed or ISBN bibliographic references disappear: this is due to temporary connection problems to one of these services. It should happen only when a page is updated. The solution is to wait until their service is back. If it lasts too long, complain to them or suggest an equivalent server.