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This is the list of the most important articles of this wiki. If you create an article in this wiki, just insert a link on this page. Not all articles need to be listed here, just do what feels right. There is also a space for wanted articles. Also, see Special:Categories for all the categories which are used to tag articles, and Special:Allpages for all the pages.


Sequence analysis


Protein structure




SNP and CGH Data

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation


Genome Annotation



Bioinformatics and databases

Large-scale and intensive computing

Communities and labs

External Medical Reference Links

  • eMedicine Physician contributed medical articles and CME
  • KMLE Medical Dictionary Medical dictionary and medical related links
  • NLM (US National Library of Medicine, contains resources for patients and health care professionals)
  • WebMD General comprehensive online health information

Wikiforum: open questions and wanted articles

Ask questions and build solutions collaboratively at our wikiforum. It is like a forum where threads would eventually evolve into clean tutorials: anyone can ask questions about bioinformatics. Just create a page where your specific question is asked. Once satisfying answers are given, the page can be moved to the list of articles above.

Tip: you can get an email notification when a question is being answered, but you have to register:

  1. create an account or log in,
  2. confirm your email address in your preferences,
  3. watch the pages that interest you.
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