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(Group Picture)
(Graduate Students)
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BS, Tongji Unvinersity<br>
BS, Tongji Unvinersity<br>
MS, Tsinghua University <br>
MS, Tsinghua University <br>
[[Image:Chori Cao.JPG]]<br>
Zheng (Chori) Cao (Materials Science & Engineering)<br>
BS, Tsinghua University <br>
[[Image:John Page.JPG]]<br>
Jonathan Page (Materials Science & Engineering)<br>
BS, University of Tennessee<br>
[[Image:Kaan Serpersu.JPG]]<br>
Kaan Serpersu (Materials Science & Engineering)<br>
BS, University of Tennessee
==Undergraduate Students==
==Undergraduate Students==

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Principal Investigator

Wei He
PhD, University of Connecticut
BS, Tianjin University

Graduate Students

Matt Cao.JPG
Yu (Matt) Cao (Materials Science & Engineering)
BS, Tongji Unvinersity
MS, Tsinghua University

Undergraduate Students

Group Picture

Group Summer2011.JPG
Left to right (front): Emily, Matt, Tom
Left to right (back): Wei, Toby, Erica, Sam (Summer 2011)

Wei He Group Fall09.JPG
Left to right: Jon, Kaan, Matt, Chori, Wei (Fall 2009)

Group Fall08.JPG
Left to right: Wei, Chori, Matt, Erik, Jon, Kevin (Fall 2008)

Lab Alumni

Brittany Caldwell (UTK Biomedical Engineering, sophomore)
Zane Hartsell (BS 2008)
Sharath Sriman (MS 2008)
Erik Bowman (BS 2009)
Max Trent (UTK Materials Science & Engineering, junior)
Kevin Rhodes (MS 2008)