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The strain collection consists of all strains which are constructed in the group or that we get from somewhere. All strains are stored as glycerol cultures in two copies, one at -80 and one at -20°C.


All strains are stored in boxes. Each box has a one-letter-label (A, B, C ...). When you start to work in the group you get one of these boxes to store your strains. In case you filled your box you get a new one.

Each tube that is put into the collection needs the following information on the tube:

On the cap:

  • Systematic name - A1-100, B1-100, C1-100,...

On the side:

  • Given name - If you constructed the strain this would be your initials plus a number starting at 1. If you get the strain from somewhere it probably has a name already.
  • Antibiotic resistence - For example amp, kan, cam, tet,...
  • Original parental strain - For example DH5α, MG1655, N16961,...
  • Plasmid - If it is a plasmid constructed in our lab the name should be according to our plasmid list.
  • Relevant Genotype - For example pyrB::Tn5, proAB::GATC-cluster, ΔseqA,...

Strain list

As much information as possible should be stored in the strain list. The list and the collection should always be consistent and updated!