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This page contains various information relating to vectors used in the Endy lab and other Synthetic Biology labs.

General vector information

Stringent vs. relaxed replication- Plasmid replication control is usually controlled by balancing the levels of a positive and a negative regulator of replication. For some plasmids (pMB1/colE1 replicons) the positive regulator is an RNA and in others (e.g. pSC101) it is a protein. Plasmids with a protein positive regulator will not replicate in the abscence of protein production - stringent control (although not the same as the stringent response due to a shortage of loaded tRNAs). Plasmids with an RNA positive regulator will continue to replicate in the abscence of protein production. This is termed relaxed control. High yields of plasmid may be obtained by halting protein production (via chloroamphenicol) when the culture reaches a high density and then continuing incubation for a number of hours. This might be of practical relevance when prepping the 1 and 3 series of Synthetic Biology plasmids.--BC 19:05, 3 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Escherichia coli



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BioBrick Parts for Plasmid Engineering

pSCANS cookbook


Nomenclature and types