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Hello, Zhenqiang Xu! This is a welcome message from OpenWetWare.  By the way, we've announced you on the [[Main Page|home page]]! You can leave messages to any OWW member by editing their User_talk pages like this one.  And don't forget to personalize your [[User:Zhenqiang Xu|User Page]] so that we can get to know you better!  We've included some tips below to get you started.
Professional talks (posters) Locations
2011.10 (planned) To give a oral presentation at AAAR 2011 on the topic of nanotube filter inactivates bioaerosols Florida, US
2011.8 (planned) 5 abstracts were submitted to Asian Aerosol Conference and was invited to give two oral presentation Xi’an, China
2011.6.15-6.18 To give a talk titled Progress on Bioaerosol Exposure, Sampling, Determination and Its Health Effect at Public Health Symposium held by Jiangsu Provincial CDC Nanjing, China
2010.10.28-31 To give a talk titled Analysis of Culturable Bacterial Aerosol Diversity Obtained Using Different Sampling and Cultivation Methods, AAAR 2010 Portland, US
2010.3.3-3.4 To give a talk titled China’s experiences in environmental protection industries historically and its contribution to global sustainable development in the meeting of Climate: Science and Humanities---Graduate Perspectives from Australia, China and the US held by GO8 and Harvard University Cambridge, US
2009.12.15-12.18 To display a poster titled Atmospheric behavior of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and peroxypropionly nitrate (PPN) observed in urban and suburban sites in Beijing, China at 2009 Fall Meeting of American Geophysics Union (AGU) San Francisco, US
2009.9 To give a talk on bioaerosol’s beblimetric studies at Peking PhD forum Beijing, China
2009.10 To give a talk on peroxyactyl nitrates beblimetric studies at Tsinghua PhD forum Beijing, China
== Personal/Lab Info ==
We have gone ahead and filled in some information you provided us in your membership application on your [[User:Zhenqiang Xu|User Page]].  Please take a moment to embellish this and tell the community a little more about you.  Put links to your lab pages, your projects and your interests.  If you run out of ideas, take a look at some of the other User pages.  For example, check out [[User:Julius_B._Lucks]], [[User:Jason_R._Kelly]] and [[User:Reshma_P._Shetty]]. 
You'll also notice that we have put an 'image' placeholder at the top of your [[User:Zhenqiang Xu|User Page]].  We encourage you to upload an image of yourself to give OWW a more personal feel.  To upload an image, click on the [[Special:Upload|Upload file]] link on the left-hand side (toolbar).  Choose a file from your computer, and remember the file name.  After you have uploaded the image, you should see it loaded on its own page.  Go back to your [[User:Zhenqiang Xu|User Page]], click on edit, and replace 'OWWEmblem.png' with the name of your file that you have uploaded in the second line of this page.

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