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Hello test

oww sc time

Jennyn 13:42, 12 June 2006 (EDT): Hey Jason, for the conference calling, do they need to call in before 12 as opposed to 4? I was thinking this was the text from previous meetings that have been held at 4. Smiley.gif

inviting new users to OWW

Hoatlinm 16:24, 20 June 2006 (EDT)Hi Jason. My lab supplies antibodies and other reagents to lots of labs working on Fanconi anemia. I was going to let the other labs know later this week about our updated information on our wiki and encourage them to join up. I think it is a fantastic tool for collaborations. How many labs can you take on OWW? If 20 Fanconi labs joined (I don't know if they would, but one can always hope) would that clog things up?