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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Zhihao Tang (an artistic interpretation)
  • Zhihao Tang
  • (+86)1520-152-5219(Mobile)
  • Room 301A,Apartment of Zijing 12#
  • Tsinghua University,,Beijing, 100084, China


  • 2010-2014
    BS @ Polymer Science and Engineering,Department of Chemical Engineering,Tsinghua University

1, Lab. of Organic Chemistry A(2):90/100( 1/70)
2, Lab. of Physical Chemistry B(1):89/100(7/195)
3, Literature Searching and Utilization(Chemical Engineering):96/100(10/57)
4, Fundamentals of Machine Design B(1):94/100
5, CAD/CAM Based on Pro/ENGINEER: 96/100
6, Probability and Statistics:91/100
7, Lab. of Polymer Physics:93/100(1/27)
——Tsinghua “Sparks” Overseas Studies supporting scholarship in 2013(top1%,63/6656) ——3rd prize in Tsinghua’ alumni interviews activities in 2012 ——Excellent team for social practice about Tsinghua staff’s status quo in 2012

  • 2013-1014
    Intern @ Safety and Nano Biological Effects state key laboratory,National Center for Nanoscience and Technology

  • 2013
    Visiting scholar @ College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering,University of Akron

Research Experiences

  • 08/2013-Present
  • Independent Researcher
  • Nano biological effects and safety Laboratory,Advisor:Liang Xinjie
  • National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
  • Stomatological Hospital of Peking University
  • Delegeted the National Youth Science Fund project “Silica Nanocarrier Delivery Fluoride into Dental Plaque for Caries Prevention
  • Fluoride is planned to be delivered into dental plaque by silica nanocarrier with proper size and surface modification, and make them release at suitable dental surface and appropriate pH
  • Liaised with Stomatological Hospital of Peking University

  • 08/2013-Present
  • Independent Researcher
  • Biomedical Polymer Laboratory,Tsinghua University,Advisor:Huang Yanbin
  • Authored research “The Crystallization Behavior of Small Molecule Drug in the Polymer Matrix

  • Summer 2013
  • Independent Researcher
  • Supported all by Tsinghua “Sparks” Overseas Studies supporting scholarship
  • University of Akron,Advisor: Stephen ZD Cheng
  • Authored research “Synthesis of conjugated conducting Fullerene compounds with Suzuki reaction and SN2 reaction
  • Conceived one-step process of C60-PDI-BPOSS, and formulated the onjugated conducting Fullerene compounds in PTC Bu4NBr
  • Mastered Spin Steaming/Chromatography/GPC/HNMR

  • University of Akron, Advisor: Kevin Cavicchi
  • Authored research “Synthesis and Characterization of Ionic Bond RAFT Polymers
  • Combined two RAFT agents using ionic bond and grew polymer chain to both ends with controlling molecular weight, prepared different length’s ionic bond RAFT polymer chains
  • Operated GPC/FTIR/HNMR

  • 02/2013-06/2013
  • Independent Researcher
  • Polymer Chemistry Laboratory,Tsinghua University,Advisor:Tang Liming
  • Authored research “Preparation of polymer tubes via RAFT polymerization of N,N’-methylene bisacrylamide gel fibers
  • Researched supramolecular self-assembly technology and compared several pathes in preparing supramolecular hydrogel
  • Implemented different formulations’ low molecular weight gel using MBA/ acrylamide and chloroform to control length and thickness to find out the discipline of gel’ formation
  • Conducted SEM/TEM/FT-IR spectrometer/elemental analysis/ESEM/rheometer

  • 02/2013-06/2013
  • Independent Researcher
  • Polyalloy Laboratory,Tsinghua University,Advisor:Xu Jun
  • Authored research “Bionic super-hydrophobic silica preparation and improvement
  • Studied bionic super-hydrophobic technology , and compared several pathes in preparing silica
  • Redesigned polymerization process of silica, and changed coating process of super-hydrophobic silica for sol-gel to getting a higher viscosity’s polymer membranes
  • Utilized Contact Angle Meter/SEM

  • 09/2012-12/2012
  • Independent Researcher
  • Polyalloy Laboratory,Tsinghua University,Advisor:Guo Baohua
  • Studied research “Preparation of Biodegradable and antibacterial PC
  • Provided AgNO3 solution with NH3H2O and VC for stiring, high-speedly centrifugated to get nano Ag, then mixed PC and dry nano Ag to get antibacterial PC
  • Handled Magnetic Stirrers/SEM/Vacuum Oven

  • Summer 2012
  • Research Assistant
  • Polyalloy Laboratory,Tsinghua University,Advisor:Guo Baohua
  • Worked for research “Aliphatic polyester PBS isomorphism phenomenon
  • Researched polyesters reaction with easterification of fumaric acid and ethylene glycol, and implemented polyesters reaction with easterification of amber acid and 1,2-Butanediol
  • Synthesized different formulations’ PBS by stepwise rising temperature’ melt polycondensation using catalyst C94 and control molecular weight with polymerization retarder and vacuum circumstance
  • Operated DTA/DSC/X-ray diffractometer/SEM


  • 2012-2013
    Vice monitor in PMSE Class 0, Tsinghua University
  • 2012-2013
    Intern of Sichuan Tianyuan Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd
  • 2011-2012
    Leader of the Politics Theory Studying Group, Tsinghua University
  • 2010-2011
    Officer of the Club Committee, Tsinghua University
  • 2010-2011
    Officer of the Financial Club, Tsinghua University
  • 2010-2011
    Officer of the Career Club, Tsinghua University



MATLAB,AutoCAD,PRO/E,C-Basic,Office- Proficient




Reading, Ping pong, Marathon