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(Contact Info)
(Contact Info)
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*Peng Xu
*Peng Xu
*[http://bamel.scripts.mit.edu/gns/ Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering]
*[http://bamel.scripts.mit.edu/gns/ Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering, 56-422]
*Department of Chemical Engieering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*Department of Chemical Engieering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*25 Ames street, Cambridge, MA 02139
*25 Ames street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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Contact Info

Peng Xu.jpg

I am a postdoctoral research associate in Stephanopoulos group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Research interests

  1. Metabolic engineering
  2. Synthetic biology
  3. Natural Products/Biofuels
  4. Biochemical/Bioprocess engineering


Please refer to Google Scholar for complete list of publications and citations

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