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Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
'''E-Mail :'''
'''E-Mail : yjeong3@jhmi.edu'''

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Youngtae Jeong, M.D.

Ph.D. Candidate, Pathobiology Graduate Program (Dr. Charles J. Lowenstein's Lab)

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

E-Mail : yjeong3@jhmi.edu


Vascular Inflammation

  • Histone Deacetylase Regulation and Inflammation
  • Nitric oxide, and Inflammation
  • Exocytosis and Inflammation
  • Acetylation and Deacetylation of cellular proteins

Education and Professional Training

  • M.D. (1995-2000): Seoul National University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
  • Intern (2001-2002): Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea and National Cancer Center, Ilsan, Korea
  • Research fellow (2004-2005): KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological And Medical Sciences), Seoul, Korea

Honors and Awards

  • 2006 Scholarship Award - Korean American Scholarship Foundation
  • 2000 2nd Prize in Natural Science Section, LG Global Challenger Program, LG, Seoul, Korea - Theme: DNA chip and 21 Century


  • Translation

1. Thomas J. Vander Salm, Bruce S. Cutler, and Brownell Wheller, Atlas of Bedside Procedures, 2nd edition. 1988, Little, Brown and Company, NY, USA / 정영태 (Youngtae Jeong), Jungdam, 2004, Seoul, Korea

2. Cohn and Doohan, G., Flip and See ECG, 2nd edition, 2002, W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, USA / 정영태 (Youngtae Jeong), 정남식, Jungdam, 2004, Seoul, Korea